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3rd Annual Hotrods &High Heels Festival Pinup Pageant 2024 is coming up soon; y’all do not want to miss out on this awesome event!
An afternoon of modeling promotional content called for quite a bit of prep and work. Got some protein in the system, and pinned the hair before heading off to MakeupbyGiselle for the best glam around!
I added accessories and press-on nails in the truck on the way over. I love being able to wear special items for photoshoots. The first outfit was a pair of white capris Mom added my closet when I started classes at TAMU, and a shirt I bought for my first night out at the stockyards. The red bandana was straight out of Dad’s laundry basket (after being ironed, of course lol), and the red shoes were a gift from Mrs Roberts on-site when she saw how well they would match! Mimi kept me warm throughout the breezy shoot with a trench coat she gave me years ago.
David Ramirez perfectly photographed the recommended attire and exquisite cars! His instruction and skills with artificial light allow him to turn just about any situation and subject into pure gold; that doesn’t mean you could find a single bad angle on these grounds *whew*
Incredibly thankful for the hard working peeps that got all the cars ready for photos and made us feel like family this creative community sure makes some great connections!
After much deliberation, I believe I have finally selected a pinup name: 
Lady Leona
Derived from a play on my TX home county, Leon, and the way my real first name rolls. “Lady” adds a sense of legacy, and I can autograph “L”s the best, imo ;)

2023 Needville Freedom Fest
Shevi De Lux has been an inspiration for years, and is now my most trusted mentor. She assisted with both my outfit and glam for this car show! A good friend (first of my father's), Jackie Hanson, invited us out to the pin-up contest. Never truly testing modeling in a public crowd, I was very thankful to have Shevi & Elissa's support throughout the day. It was a HOT one - so hot my shoes even melted! - but we survived with plenty of water & had the best time! I learned so much about modeling, and tried my best to keep all car and paint etiquette at forefront of mind.  
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