So pumped that you're ready to start capturing memories! Just a few things to consider before starting to man-handle that shutter:

What do you want to use these images for? 

What equipment did you receive, and what are its abilities? Do they align with what you want to capture? 

Once you start to explore shooting, just capturing the moment is divine! All is good if things are a little blurry or bright. Next, start to read light like your camera sees it. Simply, have your subject facing the light source to have pleasing well-lit images; move around the light source for artistic, bold frames. 

I use online options with external hard drives to backup my images.

As it goes with pretty much all things - practice makes improvement. To get better, continuously put your equipment in your hands in different settings. Everyone will find their own comfortable settings and adjustments and techniques. Observe others and ask questions when invited, especially in a community setting. Technology is improving by the minute; stay informed if you want to stay current!

Several great resources that I visit are

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