Just when I think I have it figured out, technology will probably remind me otherwise (ugh, lol). 
SO. I was pretty sure I wanted to upgrade my main camera body to a mirrorless. I was lucky enough to borrow a mentor's setup for an event, and I felt the R5 was right for me. After purchasing my own, with a very nifty adaptor, I am realizing that this mirrorless is not my best friend. 

The "features" I am having the most difficulty with are:
 - The viewfinder sensor does not allow me to pull me face far enough away from the camera and still look through the viewfinder. The sensor turns the viewfinder off once your eye is X distance from the sensor. I wear contacts or glasses, and usually like to scan my surroundings with my peripheral vision WITHOUT using LIVE mode. 
 - 45 megapixel images are simply too large for my laptop to be processing. Between stock horse shows and weddings, I manipulate ~5,000 images per event, and my laptop already has one fan problem. My clients are not printing billboard advertisements, so there is no reason for me to be storing files of this size in purchased back-up memory either. 
- When I am operating in open sunlight, I manipulate my lens specifically for flares and creative bokeh; I have never used a polarizing filter before, and it does not assist my creative captures in any way. This adaptor with the filter would be ideal for anyone wanting to create open light images without glare. 

Neither of the camera features can be manipulated, and there is no reason for me to have an adaptor if I am wanting to rotate back to dslr, SO, I am now looking to sell my Canon R5 body, the adaptor and filter, and a new 256gb card as a bundle. You will need to purchase your own battery + charger.
Asking $3,000
Will happily cover shipping if you are outside of the Leon - Brazos County areas for pickup. Ask me about trades with equipment or services! Feel free to text or call me at 979-324-7667 or email me at aylakiepertphoto@gmail.com

Details are:
Canon EOS R5 Mirrorless 45MP camera body (purchased from KEH 9/26/23)
Canon Drop-in filter mount adaptor with variable neutral density filter (purchased from KEH 9/26/23)
256gb memory card (never used, opened it to use it, but did not have an adaptor to plug it into my laptop)

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